Healthcare Provider Involvement



Life Balance and our Balance Box Solutions offer our customers insightful and comprehensible results. Our products are designed to be linked with your healthcare professional. Upon receiving results, Life Balance will work with you to not only transmit and send your results to your healthcare provider, but also assist in the interpretation and path forward. 

Unlike many of our competitors, Life Balance is equipped with a team of physicians, pharmacists, genetic counselors and other healthcare professionals to ensure that you and your provider are able to understand and effectively use your Balance Box results. 


Just A Few Clicks Away

 What if you do not have a healthcare provider? The Life Balance Physician and Pharmacy Network is full of nationwide physicians, pharmacist and other healthcare providers that are extremely knowledgeable about the Life Balance Process. Our team will work with you to find the right local provider to work with you in your treatment picture.

What if there is not a provider in your area? We are always expanding our network and upon request will have our deployment team work to identify, vet, and train providers in your area.